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About Us

Save Your Holy Land Association (SYHLA) is established by young university students and graduates in December, 2001. Before it got recognition as an association from the Federal Ministry of Justice (MoJ), it has been operating at a club  level by organizing the local voluntary young residents of Lalibela. In April 2003, the association got a legal registration certificate from Ministry  of Justice and signed operational agreement with the Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission (DPPC).

Structurally, the association has a general assembly, board of directors and an executive team. The general assembly has the supreme power on all matters of the association. The board of directors, elected by the general assembly, closely guides and evaluates the executive team. The executive team is responsible  for the-day-to-day implementations and follows  up of activities. Currently SYHLA’s head office is located in Lalibela and has a liaison office in Addis Ababa.


The major intervention areas of SYHLA are: education, health, environment, heritage, and tourism; and targets the community in general and the youth in particular.


SYHLA aspires to see growth and development of visionary, healthy, disciplined and diligent youth that will work for the betterment of life and the environment to entail poverty and disease free society.


SYHLA strives to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and address issues of   Reproductive Health.

SYHLA is committed to protect the environment; preserve the historical and cultural values of Lalibela and the surrounding areas of historical significance.

SYHLA is dedicated to mobilize the youth to serve societal needs the needs of the society and promote youth participation in developmental activities and fostering tourism.

SYHLA is enthusiastic to be model for the youth to take similar voluntary actions to contribute for the betterment of the whole society.


To undertake youth focused programs for the development of social, cultural, environmental and human values

To provide care for our historical heritages and combat negative influence of tourism

To address issues of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and enable the youth to be healthy, productive and capable to create jobs.







Contact Us:

Save Your Holy Land Association

P.O.Box: 70

Roha Street, Lalibela


Phone: +251 333 360546  :  Office

            +251 911 037728  :  Cell

Fax:     +251 333 360153



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