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Founders  and youth Clubs Profile

Save Your Holy Land Association  (SYHLA) was a youth club at its inception.  Shortly after its institutionalization, it has evolved into an umbrella organization with the support of  Pact Ethiopia, Packard Foundation, the general public and the youth. The most popular clubs that SYHLA organized were:

1. Culture, History and Heritage Friendly Club

2. Arts Club

3. Hospitality Club

4. Anti HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health Clubs

5. Sports Club

Currently all the clubs are self administered and they in turn have upgraded their structure into an association level. Each respective club is organizing similar clubs  and has office of its own.

Board Members: 

2005 - 2008

1.    Zinabie Feleke , Chair person
2.    Yihenw Melku, V/Chair Person
3.     Alebel Yaregal, Member
4.     Kessis Tesfa Maryam Gelagay, Member
5.     Frehiwot Kassahun, Member

2008 - 2012

1.     Alebel Yaregal, Chair person
2.     Dagnachew Girma, V/Chair Person
3.     Ambaw Taddesse, Member
4.     Kessis Tesfa Maryam Gelagay, Member
5.     Mantegbosh Eshetie, Member




Executive Team Profile:

1. Yemane Guesh, BA in Sociology

                   Founder and Executive Director

2. Tewodros Mekebeb,

                   Founder and US Representative

7. Abebe Kassie, Diploma In Accounting

                   Administration and Finance Officer, Lalibela

3.Awol Mohammad, MA in Demography

                   Project Officer

4. Shimiljaw Alemnew, BSc. In Biology

                   Project Officer

5. Yemane G/ Hiwot, Diploma in English and Communication

                   Public Relations Officer

6. Tigist Alemu, BA in Business Administration

                   Liaison Officer, Addis Ababa

7. Mulu

                   Secretary and Cashier

8. Mulu Deblik, Diploma in Theology

                   Development Facilitator

9. Yeshiye Mulugeta

                   Property Controller





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