Save Your Holy Land Association     
Empower the Youth and make  Differences!


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Save Your Holy Land Association, Lalibela, Ethiopia

History of Establishment


The very first initiative for the formation of Save Your Holy Land Association /SYHLA/ came from two sociologists who were highly inspired by their training and commitment to contribute for the development of the nation in general and for the well being of the poor inhabitants of Lalibela in particular.


In December 2001 a group of University students and graduates came into a common understanding to prepare a constitutional bylaw and propose for a legal and national recognition to the Ministry of Justice of Ethiopia. However, since the registration process was time consuming and required some seed money, the founders decided to pen the process for a while and start operating at a club level in Lalibela town.


The Local Administration, appreciating SYHLA’s commitment and attempt in addressing the critical challenges of Lalibela town and the youth, has availed a free of charge office as a temporary operation and contact site. This practical support of the government has enabled the association to make contacts and mobilize local resources. In a short period of time, SYHLA has registered 1073 voluntary youth members who were willing and enthusiastic to participate in short term projects.




The process of materializing Save Your Holy Land's Vision  would have not been possible mainly without the meaningful technical, moral, material and financial supports of David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Pact-Ethiopia; hence, we would like to acknowledge Packard Foundation and Pact-Ethiopia for availing all the required supports.

SYHLA also wishes to extend it’s heart felt thanks and appreciation to the beneficiaries and government offices in Lalibela VIZ. Health, Agriculture, Youth-Sport and Culture, Tourism, Disaster Prevention and preparedness Desk, Municipality of Lalibela and Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church for the overall cooperation and their valuable response to our inquiries. 

Save Your Holy Land Association also would like to acknowledge its board members and the young, energetic executive team members, enthusiastic youth clubs and the community in general. 

Contact Us:

Save Your Holy Land Association

P.O.Box: 70

Roha Street, Lalibela


Phone: +251 333 360546  :  Office

            +251 911 037728  :  Cell

Fax:     +251 333 360153







Empower the Youth and Make Differences!
Save Your Holy Land Association, Lalibela, Ethiopia
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